Masters in Psychology Scholarships for International Students

Earning a master’s degree in psychology has the potential to change lives. It broadens your grasp of the human mind and creates a plethora of professional options. For many would-be psychologists, however, the expense of graduate school can be a major deterrent. Fully funded master’s programs can help in this situation. The top 10 fully funded master’s programs in psychology that can help you reach your educational and professional objectives without going over budget are examined in this article.

University of Amsterdam: Psychology Research Master’s Programs

There is a distinguished Research Master’s in Psychology program offered by the University of Amsterdam. This two-year master’s program offers full funding, making it a great option for individuals interested in doing in-depth psychological research. The curriculum encompasses a wide range of specializations, including clinical and cognitive psychology. This program, which emphasizes practical research, gives students invaluable research experience and a solid grounding for a Ph.D.

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Psychology Master of Science programs at Stanford University

Stanford University is well known for its innovative psychological studies. Stanford offers a fully financed Master of Science in Psychology program that gives students access to top-notch instructors and research facilities. This two-year program offers a variety of specializations with an emphasis on research. Because Stanford’s programs are extremely competitive, be sure to strengthen your application.

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The MPhil programs in Psychology and Education at the University of Cambridge

There is a special MPhil in Psychology and Education program offered by the University of Cambridge. The master’s program, which focuses on the nexus of psychology and education, is completely supported for a year. For people who want to work in educational policy and research or who are interested in educational psychology, this program is excellent. Go to this link to apply to the university’s graduate admissions programs.

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Harvard University’s Master of Liberal Arts (ALM) programs in psychology and extension studies

An outstanding option for those interested in a fully funded master’s degree in psychology is offered by Harvard Extension School. They offer an online and on-campus Master of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies, and Psychology programs that are tailored to working professionals. This program provides a flexible schedule and is affordable.

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Oxford University – Master of Science in Experimental Psychology

For individuals who have a strong interest in experimental psychology, the University of Oxford offers prestigious, fully financed MSc programs in the field. Students who complete these year-long programs will have a thorough understanding of experimental psychology as well as advanced research skills. A variety of scholarships are offered by the University of Oxford to ensure that financial constraints do not prevent academic achievement.

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Berkeley University’s Master of Arts in Psychology programs

A fully financed Master of Arts in Psychology program is available at UC Berkeley. Students in these programs can work with excellent faculty members on a variety of research initiatives as it is centered on research. The focus of these two-year programs is on clinical and experimental psychology. In order to guarantee that worthy students can enroll in these programs without facing financial difficulties, UC Berkeley offers financial aid options.

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Psychology Master of Science programs, University of Toronto

One of the best universities in Canada, the University of Toronto, has a fully financed Master of Science in Psychology program. This two-year program covers a wide range of topics in psychology, including social, clinical, and cognitive psychology. The university offers a wide range of financial aid and scholarships to assist students in pursuing these programs.

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Psychology Master’s Degree at Yale University

A completely funded master’s program in psychology is available at Yale University. Students who want to prepare for a Ph.D. and obtain research experience should apply to these programs. Because of the intense competition for the programs, make sure your application highlights your enthusiasm for psychology and research.

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Psychology Master of Arts programs at Columbia University

The fully financed Master of Arts in Psychology programs at Columbia University offer a strong foundation in psychology and research techniques. The two-year programs promote independent research among its pupils. To make sure that financial obstacles don’t impede your academic progress, financial help is offered.

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Psychology Master of Arts programs at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

A fully financed, research-intensive Master of Arts in Psychology program is available at UCLA. Students in these two-year programs are exposed to a wide range of psychology subfields. UCLA offers several funding options to help students who want to enroll in this course of study.

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Q1: Can students from other countries enroll in these programs?

A1: The majority of these programs do accept students from other countries. For comprehensive information about overseas applications, it is imperative to verify the particular eligibility requirements for each program and speak with the admissions office of the relevant university.

Q2: What are the usual prerequisites for these programs’ applications?

A2: While specific program criteria may differ, most generally speaking, application materials consist of transcripts, recommendation letters, a statement of purpose, a CV or curriculum vitae, and test results (such as the GRE). Verify that you fulfill the standards listed in each university’s application guidelines by reading through them.

Q3: When is the deadline for these programs’ applications?

A3: Depending on the university and programs, different deadlines apply. To find the most recent application dates, it’s imperative to visit the official websites of the universities and psychological departments. Plan your application calendar appropriately, as some programs have various deadlines for applications throughout the year.

Q4: What level of competition do these courses have?

A4: Because these programs are fully sponsored and the universities that provide them have a good reputation, they are very competitive. To improve your chances of acceptance, you must have a solid academic background, noteworthy research experience, and a well-written application.

Q5: Is it possible for me to apply to several fully financed master’s programs in psychology at once?

A5: You are able to apply to more than one program at once. But bear in mind that application procedures, prerequisites, and due dates may vary depending on the programs. To prevent conflicts, make sure you carefully manage your programs.

Q6: How can I make my application stand out?

A6: Highlight your enthusiasm for psychology and research in your application to make it stand out. Emphasize your academic accomplishments, relevant research experience, and any extracurricular psychology-related activities. Create a strong statement of purpose that highlights your dedication to the topic and explains how the particular programs fit with your professional and academic objectives.

Q7: Are there any other master’s programs in psychology that are fully funded?

A7: Yes, there are many more master’s programs in psychology that are fully financed all over the world. The programs that are listed below are only a few of the best choices. Look at different colleges and universities that provide fully funded master’s programs in psychology to discover other options.


Individuals who are passionate about psychology and research but cannot afford to pay for tuition can pursue their passion through fully supported master’s programs in psychology. The top 10 programs in this article, which are provided by reputable universities all over the world, can assist you in starting a fulfilling academic path and setting yourself up for success in the psychology field.

Recall that despite having complete funding, these programs are very competitive. Make sure your application highlights your commitment to the field and your ability as a psychology researcher or practitioner in order to increase your chances of being admitted. Start your application process as soon as feasible by researching the particular requirements and deadlines for each program.

Examine the programs listed in this article, start the application process, and you’ll be one step closer to realizing your ambition of obtaining a fully funded master’s degree in psychology. You have a bright future in psychology. Open up a world of opportunities by applying now!

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