Fully Funded Scholarships for Islamic Studies Abroad 2024-2025

Even though pursuing a higher education can be expensive, it can also be a very gratifying experience. The cost of education can be a major barrier for many students to fulfilling their academic goals. Fortunately, there are lots of scholarships available to support students in their academic endeavors and lessen their financial burden. The top 10 fully funded Islamic scholarships provide both financial aid and the opportunity for needy students who need it, we have listed all the top scholarships below check it now.

Turkey Government Scholarships

Due to its historical significance and rich cultural legacy, Turkey has grown in popularity among international students looking for higher education possibilities. A variety of fully paid scholarships for undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate studies are available from the Turkish government. These scholarships provide for housing, health insurance, monthly stipends, and tuition. Each year, the application period for these scholarships usually begins in January and runs through February.

Apply here: Turkey Government Scholarships

Qatar University Scholarships

International students can apply for fully financed scholarships from Qatar, a country renowned for its quick development and top-notch educational system. The monthly stipend, housing costs, and tuition are all covered by these scholarships. A wide range of programs in several subjects, including business, science, engineering, and the humanities, are available at Qatar University. Typically, the application window opens in January and runs through February.

Apply here: Qatar University Scholarships

Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Scholarship Program

Under the esteemed Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Scholarship Program, students from IDB member nations are eligible to apply for fully financed scholarships. Support for master’s, doctoral, and undergraduate students is provided by this scholarship program. It pays for health insurance, travel expenses, monthly living allowances, and tuition. Usually, the IDB scholarship application procedure opens in February.

Apply here: Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Scholarship Program

Kuwait Cultural Office (Kuwait Government Scholarships)

Scholarships from the Kuwait Cultural Office are completely funded and available to students worldwide, especially those from Islamic nations. The monthly stipends, housing costs, and tuition are all covered by these scholarships. Kuwait Government Scholarship applications are typically accepted from February to March.

Apply here: Kuwait Government Scholarships

United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) Scholarships

International students can apply for a variety of fully supported scholarships from the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU). These scholarships are offered in a number of fields for graduate, undergraduate, and doctorate programs. They pay for housing, tuition, and a monthly stipend. Usually, the UAEU scholarship application period begins in November and runs through February.

Apply here: UAEU Scholarships

The Islamic Scholarship Fund (ISF)

Through educational scholarships and mentorship programs, the Islamic Scholarship Fund (ISF), a nonprofit organization, aims to empower Muslim students in the United States. A range of scholarships are offered by ISF to graduate and undergraduate students. These scholarships provide financial aid and tuition coverage to enable students to fulfill their aspirations of attending college. Typically, the ISF scholarship application process starts in December.

Apply here: The Islamic Scholarship Fund (ISF)

The Al Qasimi Foundation Scholarship (UAE)

Scholarships are available for people who want to study in the Ras Al Khaimah region from the Al Qasimi Foundation, which is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. Undergraduate and graduate studies in a variety of subjects, including education, social sciences, and environmental sciences, are eligible for these grants. The monthly stipend, housing costs, and tuition are all covered by the Al Qasimi Foundation Scholarship.

Apply here: The Al Qasimi Foundation Scholarship

The Al-Bukhari Foundation (Malaysia)

With an emphasis on students from the Muslim world, the Al-Bukhari Foundation in Malaysia offers fully financed scholarships to overseas students. These scholarships pay for living expenses, health insurance, and tuition. The Al-Bukhari Foundation provides financial aid for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degree programs.

Apply here: The Al-Bukhari Foundation

The Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (OCIS) Scholarships (UK)

Scholarships from the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (OCIS) are available to overseas students, particularly those from nations with a majority of Muslims. These grants provide funding for graduate-level coursework in a range of subjects. They pay for a travel grant, living expenses, and tuition. Usually, the OCIS scholarship application period opens in January.

Apply here: OCIS Scholarships

Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) Scholarships (India)

International students, especially those from Islamic nations, can apply for scholarships at Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI), which is situated in New Delhi, India. The living expenses, housing costs, and tuition are all covered by these scholarships. A variety of programs in disciplines like engineering, the humanities, and social sciences are offered at JMI.

Apply here: JMI Scholarships


For whom are these scholarships available?

Each scholarship has different requirements, but generally speaking, international students from Islamic nations are eligible. For your chosen program, you might need to fulfill academic criteria as well as language competency standards.

In what way may I apply for these scholarships?

You may discover comprehensive information about the application process for each scholarship on the websites for those that each provides. Usually, an online application must done, required documents must submitted, and application deadlines must be met.

When does the application period for these scholarships open?

There may be variations in the deadlines for these scholarships. For the most recent information, it’s imperative to visit the individual scholarship websites as many of them open in the late fall or early spring.

Can I apply for more than one scholarship at once?

Yes, if you fulfill the requirements for each scholarship, you are able to apply for more than one. Make sure you read each scholarship’s terms and conditions thoroughly and adhere to the application requirements.

What are the expenses provided by these scholarships?

Usually, these grants pay for living expenses, housing, tuition, and occasionally, travel and health insurance costs. It’s important to go over the details given because the precise coverage may differ.


The process of pursuing higher education can be life-changing, and these top 10 completely funded Islamic scholarships offer an opportunity to fulfill your academic aspirations without having to worry about money. These scholarships help you to boost your education. They enable you to fully concentrate on your studies and engage in the learning process by providing financial support.

Make sure you meet the requirements, do your homework on each scholarship, and submit your applications on time. A fully financed scholarship can lead to a wealth of information, and these awards serve as stepping stones to a better future for you. Put in an application now to start your path to academic success.

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