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Fully Funded Scholarship for Software Engineering

Embarking on the thrilling adventure of software engineering is like setting sail on uncharted waters. However, the financial burdens often attached to this journey can make the dream seem distant. The good news? There are compassionate organizations out there that not only see your potential but want to help you thrive in the world of software engineering. In this blog post, we’ll be your friendly guide, unveiling the top 10 fully funded scholarships that not only ease the financial load but also provide a supportive community for your exciting journey.

  1. Google Lime Scholarship: Imagine a world where your unique abilities are celebrated. Google’s Lime Scholarship does just that – it’s not just financial aid; it’s an invitation to a community that values diversity and believes in your potential. Oh, and did we mention potential internships at Google?
  2. Microsoft Tuition Scholarships: Picture this: Microsoft, a tech giant, extending its hand to support your education. The Microsoft Tuition Scholarships are like a helping hand, covering your tuition and more as you delve into the fascinating world of computer science.
  3. Facebook Fellowship Program: Ever dreamed of being part of groundbreaking research? Facebook’s Fellowship Program not only funds your Ph.D. studies but also invites you into a world of innovation. Get ready to collaborate with top-notch researchers and make a real impact.
  4. Adobe Research Women-in-Technology Scholarship: Ladies, here’s one just for you! The Adobe Research Women-in-Technology Scholarship not only provides financial support but also opens the door to potential internships with Adobe. It’s a chance to shine in the tech world.
  5. Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship: Inspired by a trailblazer in computer science, the Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship, sponsored by Google, is a celebration of women in technology. Join the ranks of exceptional women, receive financial support and an exclusive invitation to the Google Scholars’ Retreat.
  6. Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program: From economically disadvantaged backgrounds to thriving in the tech world – the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program is all about leveling the playing field. This scholarship supports you on your journey in computer science and software engineering.
  7. IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Awards: Imagine having IBM back your Ph.D. research! The IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Awards not only cover your tuition but also provide a stipend for living expenses. It’s a chance to dive deep into your research without worrying about financial constraints.
  8. Women Techmakers Scholars Program: Ladies, Google believes in you! The Women Techmakers Scholars Program isn’t just a scholarship; it’s a community that supports, mentors and nurtures your passion for technology. Dive in for financial aid, mentorship, and an exclusive retreat experience.
  9. AAUW Selected Professions Fellowship: The AAUW Selected Professions Fellowship is a beacon for women breaking into traditionally underrepresented fields. This fellowship is not just about financial assistance; it’s about empowering you to make a mark in the world of computer science.
  10. Gates Cambridge Scholarship: The Gates Cambridge Scholarship is your ticket to the prestigious University of Cambridge. It’s not just about covering costs; it’s an opportunity to be part of a global community, pursuing your postgraduate dreams, including those in computer science.


As you embark on your software engineering journey, remember that these fully funded scholarships are more than just financial aid. They are your companions, cheering you on, offering mentorship, and providing a platform to connect with like-minded individuals. So, don’t just dream about a future in software engineering – apply for these scholarships, let your potential shine, and turn your passion into a fulfilling and supported career. The adventure awaits!

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